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Turning the Century: A Remodeling Diary

In June 2013, my husband and I began the odyssey that is homeownership in the 21st century. 

We had it all figured out: I was a few months' pregnant when we had an accepted offer, so we figured we'd close quickly, begin a quick partial remodel and be in the house by the first week of September. That was the intent, anyway. Navigating the new banking environment took us all summer and we didn't close until the week we were supposed to be moving in. With a baby just a few months off, we were racing the clock to find a contractor and start the work.

Turning the Century, a series of blog posts, will look at one couple's journey through the process of buying a home in a tighter banking environment, from the time of making an offer through completing a home remodel on our circa 1890's Hudson Valley fisherman's cottage.