Soaking Tubs Make a Statement in Today's Baths

Few things equate to total relaxation and the perfect reward after a long, hard day than the idea of a long soak in the tub. That concept is definitely gaining momentum, as the interest in soaking tubs is on the rise.

Today’s soaking tubs are not just ordinary baths, however. Rather than tucked into a corner or hidden in an out-of-the-way spot, current bath designs often incorporate freestanding soaking tubs placed front and center, where they can act as the focal point or the statement piece for the room.

While there is a renewed interest in vintage styles, today’s materials can be sculpted into interesting shapes and modern forms. They are also available in a rainbow of color options, allowing the pieces to make a dramatic design statement.

Those same materials often provide absorption of heat, keeping the water hotter longer, almost rivaling the performance of cast iron without the heavy weight.

Below are some of the hottest trends in soaking tubs.

--Today’s freestanding tubs often draw their inspiration from styles of the past, including the traditional claw foot.

--A range of natural materials – including wood, copper, stone and concrete – act as the base for many soaking tubs.

--A departure from the traditional white and biscuit, freestanding tubs are now available in a range of bold colors to make a dramatic statement in the bath.

--Organic and solid surface materials allow for modern, sculptural tub shapes, adding a modern touch to the bath design.

--A range of accessories – including shelving and headrests – provide amenities for the perfect soak.