Remodel integrates sunroom with house

Originally built as an open-air porch, this room was later enclosed, which gave it the vibe of being an after-thought. An awkwardly placed vault in the ceiling did not relate to the shape of the room below and the home’s existing HVAC system was no usable in the space because of it is built on a slab concrete foundation. For the remodel, the living room wall with its French door pair was blown open to join the two spaces. This makes the 365-sq.-ft. sunroom a bigger part of the house as well as giving the living room natural light. A paneled, cased opening is deep to conceal storage space on either side behind the touch latch-operated panels, enable the room to be transformed into an octagon shape and ensure the television could be closer to the seating area and easier to view without necessitating a larger screen. By reworking the ceiling’s structure, the ceiling vault now corresponds with the octagon shape of the walls. A separate HVAC system is hidden in one corner of the octagon and accessed through the paneling of the cased opening. Plastic panels, which previously were used as windows, were replaced with insulated, divided lite windows.
Project location: Nashville, Tenn.
Contractor: Wills Co., Nashville