The light house delivers

The Light House is about sunlight – an abundant, largely untapped natural resource found in Houston. The residence is naturally lit through north-facing clerestory windows flooding the spaces with ambient light. Photovoltaic panels face southern skies, both shading and powering the residence. Interiors illuminated with benign, northern light are made of warm bamboo cabinetry and bamboo floors, with supplemental light from LEDs. The Light House makes its environmental ideas legible, without apology, and formulates a coherent, ordered architectural language all its own. This house is said to succeed beyond technical, psychological and spiritual limits, and the owners clearly profess, “The best part of our day is coming home to the light and tranquility of this hard-working house. We will forever be grateful for the aesthetic and the moral peace of mind we constantly find here.”

Project location: Houston
Contractor: Adams Architects
Location: Houston