Kitchen Faucets Get Personal

While the personalization trend continues to gain ground, nowhere is this more evident than in the kitchen water station, where designers are using interesting faucet shapes and eye-catching finishes to create uniquely personal designs.

Elegant styles blend with touch-free technology, while Universal Design continues to impact faucet design. Chrome and stainless steel remain popular finish choices, but black and white are also making a comeback in the kitchen.

Below are some of the hottest trends in kitchen faucets right now.

--Personalization of the water station continues to be a growing trend, as consumers realize their faucet and accessories can be designed to function for the way they work. This has also led to a growing interest in mixing and matching materials.

--Faucets are increasingly being outfitted with a variety of innovations that make them more environmentally friendly and easier to use.

--Touchless or tap-on, tap-off technology is increasingly popular for kitchen faucets and consumers appreciate the convenience and sanitary benefits.

--Transitional styling continues to gain in popularity, perhaps due to the trend toward open living spaces, where the kitchen extends into the rest of the living space of the home.

--Universal Design remains evident in products such as easy-grasp faucets and pot fillers, and easy to use multiple functions such as spray, stream and pause.