4 Webinars in 4 Days - Spring Training March 24-27, 2014

Get ready for the pickup in housing activity this spring by attending a series of four free webinars brought to you by Qualified Remodeler, Kitchen & Bath Design News and ForResidentialPros.com. The webinars are designed to give remodeling, building and design professionals a fresh perspective on sales and marketing, exterior design, kitchen/bathroom design and sustainability. Webinars will be held at 2pm Eastern/1pm Central each day from March 24 to March 27.


Those who should attend include remodelers, custom builders, architects, designers and kitchen and bath designers. Admission to the webinars is free after registering: REGISTER NOW. Webinars will be hosted by Rob Heselbarth, editorial director of Qualified Remodeler magazine.


MONDAY, MARCH 24 ? Sales and Marketing

How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Sales Mistakes in 2014

Presented by Rick Storlie, New Home Sales Coach, www.nhsalescoach.com

Rick Storlie specializes in helping remodelers, builders and designers not only meet their sales projections, but exceed them. As you look to capitalize on an improving housing climate in 2014, Rick will give your sales process an overhaul by sharing the five biggest mistakes housing professionals made in 2013. These will include: 1) Sales people performing the wrong tasks; 2) Presenting pricing to your prospects at the wrong time; 3) Not using the "right formula" for your site visit; 4) Not incorporating all three of the adult learning styles into your presentation; 5) Allowing your prospects to "beat you" at the technology game. Not only will Rick give you details about each of these mistakes, but he'll reveal cutting-edge ideas to immediately improve your sales and impact your bottom line.


TUESDAY, MARCH 25 ? Exterior Design

The Anatomy of Award-Winning Exterior Design

Presented by Stephen Gidley, Stephen C. Gidley Inc., Darien, Conn., www.scgabc.com

Renowned designer and remodeler Stephen Gidley presents three award-winning exterior projects, while sharing his design-build philosophy that fosters a positive relationship between the architectural design team and homeowner. Learn how Gidley’s team effectively alters a home’s structure and site components to create winning designs. Gidley also will share his “horse and cart” design-build theory, which requires his team to first understand the clients’ needs and wants, while bearing in mind the advantages and limitations of the structure and site as well as the clients’ budget. The construction project that evolves from a well-thought-out and affordable design is the “cart” which holds all the aesthetic and functional details and goodies typical of a well-designed and executed remodeling project.


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26 ? Kitchen/Bath Design

Increasing Your Value by Sharing Design Trends

Presented by John Morgan, Morgan Pinnacle in Glyndon, Md., www.morganpinnacle.com

As a remodeler, builder or kitchen and bath designer, your knowledge of the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design can bolster your status as the expert resource and trusted advisor consumers want you to be, and makes fulfilling their home renovation dreams that much easier. John Morgan, immediate past president of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, will share where kitchen and bath trends have been, where they are today and where trends are going so you can guide your clients to happy spaces. 


THURSDAY, MARCH 27 ? Sustainable Design

Measuring Sustainability by Performance, not Points

Presented by Fernando Feldman, Judy Rachel and Scott Nyborg

Home performance professionals Fernando Feldman, Judy Rachel and Scott Nyborg explain that how a home performs is the true measure of a home’s sustainability. Learn how this team of hands-on experts create high-performance homes by diagnosing and then solving important sustainability problems relating to energy efficiency, water use, building durability and indoor air quality while improving occupant comfort in the process. They will walk you through a typical home project they teamed up on, while describing the testing and discovery process along with the solutions and measured improvements made by tackling excessive air infiltration, insulation deficiencies, moisture-related issues, an oversized, poorly-installed heating and cooling system and lack of controlled ventilation. As time permits they will share experiences from other homes in which homeowners went the next step toward sustainability with wise water use and renewable energy systems. Join us for a lively, candid discussion about creating sustainability within our clients’ homes.