Kitchen Cabinets Favor Sleek Designs, Personalized Storage Options

Today’s kitchen cabinets are expected to offer sleek styling, plentiful, accessible storage and design elements that can easily transition from the kitchen to other areas of the home. While simple, Shaker-style design has been all the rage for the past few years, a bit more ornamentation is showing up as the economy recovers and consumers begin to loosen their purse strings. However, the overall look remains clean and refined, with interest often coming from textural elements or painted finishes that offer a sense of depth and dimension.

Interior storage is also critical, with consumers often favoring drawers over wall boxes, along with personalized storage elements that allow them to customize their cabinet interiors to how they use them. Accessible storage that maximizes every spare inch of space is also critical, while cabinetry that lights up when doors or drawers are opened is also gaining interest.

Below are some of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets right now.

--The open-space concept is having a major impact on kitchen cabinet design, as furniture-style cabinetry is increasingly being used to bridge the gap between the kitchen and the living area.

--Style trends continue to shift toward transitional looks, with clean, minimally adorned designs gaining ground.

--Painted finishes in whites and shades of gray are in high demand, while dark colors seem to be waning.

--High-contrast looks and plenty of texture are resonating with today’s consumers.

--With smaller kitchen footprints driving the need to maximize space, designers are seeing more demand for accessible interior storage that better utilizes every last nook and cranny.

--Cabinet drawers seem to be gaining favor for their greater flexibility, and these are increasingly being personalized to allow users to customize their storage to the way they live and work in the kitchen.