Dilapidated kitchen undergoes modern transformation

Dilapidated walls, floors and fireplaces plagued a house with otherwise great bone structure. A narrow galley kitchen along the home’s front allowed for little movement and a basement directly under the kitchen area that resulted in a huge moisture problem. To open the kitchen, the remodel used the formal dining room space and turned the kitchen to face the living area. New appliances, a marble backsplash, large island, and Birch wood floors modernize the space. To combat the moisture problem, a team of specialists created an air gap between the existing cinderblock walls and interior stucco finished walls. Space was left in the subfloor leading to a common drain that leads water out of the home. The utility closet was transformed into a dehumidifier.
Project location: Austin, Texas
Remodeler: RisherMartin Fine Homes  
Location: Austin