Stylish Kitchen & Bath Lighting Options Enhance Functionality and Safety

Lighting has always been a critical element in the design of kitchens and baths, both for its decorative benefits and its importance in improving the room's functionality. The latter continues to grow as lighting is increasingly being incorporated everywhere from toekicks to cabinet interiors to under countertops. Well-placed lighting can maximize storage by lighting up often forgotten back corners, increase safety by helping to prevent accidents and add wow power with special effects like underlit countertops and dimmers that can be used to create a variety of moods.

LEDs are also a hot trend, as their energy-saving properties, low heat and flexibility make them ideally suited for a nearly endless array of applications.
From a style standpoint, kitchen lighting fixtures remain big and bold, often with a retro or industrial slant, while bath fixtures are more likely to be slim and streamlined, blending seamlessly into the design.

Below are some of the hottest trends in kitchen and bath lighting today.

-- Energy saving LEDs are the hottest thing to happen in the lighting arena, allowing lighting to be placed nearly anywhere it's needed, from kitchen cabinet interiors to toekicks to beneath countertops for a striking underlit effect.

-- When it comes to kitchen fixtures, bigger is better, with larger fixtures making a dramatic impact in kitchen lighting design.

-- Busy, detailed, scrolled lighting fixtures are being replaced with today’s versions of classic traditional and strong modern designs. Larger pendants, chandeliers and lanterns are also being used as focal points in the kitchen.

-- While kitchen lighting fixtures seem to be getting bigger and bolder, bath lighting is seeing a move toward sleek and slim design.

-- In the bath, lighting is increasingly configured to match the plumbing hardware, giving it a more modern, stylish look.

-- Modern design elements are being blended with an abundance of glass, crystal, whites and a mixture of metals in both the kitchen and bath. Additionally, blacks, whites and warm golden tones are hitting the scene in all styles of lighting.

-- Industrial looks and clear bulbs with filaments reminiscent of an earlier age are hot for the kitchen right now.