Cabinet Components Offer Function & Style

Accessible storage and design simplicity are driving the cabinet component market right now. On the functional end, products that enhance organization, maximize space and make storage easier to access are high priorities. From the fashion standpoint, consumers continue to seek designer touches that add elegance to cabinetry.
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--While clean-lined cabinetry continues to trend, some ornamentation is beginning to return, with scaled down mouldings, corbels and other decorative elements beginning to gain ground.

--The growth of the open kitchen concept has made furniture-style detailing more important than ever, driving interest in cabinet components that provide a furniture look that also blends well with the rest of the home.
--Glass cabinet doors, particularly those that offer a unique textural element, are increasingly being used to add visual interest.
--There's a growing interest in space-saving interior fittings, as creative and accessible storage continues to be a high priority.
--Organization remains a top priority, with high demand for cabinet drawer inserts that better organize utensils and other kitchen objects.
--Products that promote flexible storage are also in high demand, and consumers increasingly seek to personalize their cabinet interiors to better suit the way they live.