Fun, shabby-chic tranquility

This is a fun, shabby chic first home for a young celebrity couple who desired a sense of place and tranquility. The floor plan and building materials were kept practical and functional, and the interiors eclectic and youthful. This home was an ideal answer to this power couple's lifestyle. This project required thoughtful and innovative application of high-low finishes and creative architectural solutions. The design solution blends a vibe of modern urban loft with Hampton chic, and connotes as much a New York hipster aesthetic as it does a sense of southern hearth and home. The open floor plan, finishes and furnishings are casual, inviting and low-maintenance. Architecture is kept simple, with industrial finishes and earthy materials anchoring the unpretentious design.

Project location: Austin, Texas

Contractor: Jauregui Architecture Interiors Construction

Location: Austin, Texas