Solid Surface & Laminate Offer Design Options

Over the past few years, a more value-based economic climate has been driving interest in laminate countertops, while demand for flexible, easy-care surfaces has kept solid surface in the spotlight. However, design advances in both of these categories have continued to drive their popularity with consumers.

Here are some of the hottest trends in laminate and solid surface countertops right now:

--As the “remodel for resale” trend fades and more homeowners are seeking to put their own personal stamp on their homes, solid surface offers an ever-increasing array of colors and patterns to help personalize the kitchen or bath.

--In solid surfacing, honed looks are gaining in popularity, along with myriad shades of white.

--Today’s laminates do a better job of mimicking natural stone looks and wood grain patterns, providing a cost-effective alternative to more expensive granite or wood options – and they are also eco-friendly.

--At the same time, laminates also offer a wealth of unapologetically not-seen-in-nature colors to choose from, allowing homeowners to get creative with colors and patterns.