Remodelers: Are you looking for leads in all the wrong places?

Do you feel you’re looking for leads in the wrong places? Do you long for the good old days of 6 or 7 years ago, when you could place an ad in the paper, on the radio or TV, or in ValPak—and leads would magically appear? The question wasn’t whether or not you’d get calls; it was how many. You can place that same ad in that same paper now—probably for more money—and you’ll only get a fraction of the leads you once did.


Today, many savvy remodelers around the country are generating leads in large numbers—and you can too. You just have to adopt a new perspective and look at the lead generation landscape with fresh eyes.


In a revealing new webinar, Monopolize Your Marketplace CEO Rich Harshaw and MarketSharp Software’s Tim Musch will show you why advertising and marketing doesn’t work like it used to, and what you should be doing now. You’ll learn how consumers’ decision making processes have changed since 2007, and why advertising works differently than it used to (but still effectively).


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In this important webinar, you will discover:

  • Two major events in 2007 that shifted the way advertising and marketing works—forever
  • The difference between “hunting” and “farming” as it relates to advertising, and why it’s critical to know the difference
  • The role web strategies play in your overall marketing program
  • An important lesson on lead generation from the most famous bank robber in the world
  • How to effectively control your online reviews (your prospects are checking you out!)
  • Simple ways to balance your online and offline marketing strategies (critical for optimum success)
  • A surefire way to create a buzz that will lead to more sales in the neighborhood of each of your jobs
  • Why you should proceed with caution with your social media marketing dollars and resources
  • Empirical evidence that refutes the conventional wisdom of direct-response lead generation
  • The new wisdom of direct-response advertising, including the three places it still works very well
  • Three old-school advertising approaches that might still work, but should be approached with caution
  • We’ll expose a number of advertising approaches to avoid completely (this will save you a bundle)
  • Why traditional media isn’t dead, and how you should approach it in 2014 and beyond
  • The best way to allocate your budget for lead generation
  • And much more!

Date:                     May 21
Time:                    2 p.m. Eastern (1 p.m. Central. Noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)

Audience:           Owners, managers, sales/marketing staff

Cost:                      None – courtesy of Andersen Windows, Qualified Remodeler and MarketSharp



Great Idea: Use this webinar as your weekly sales and marketing staff meeting!


About the presenters


Rich Harshaw is the CEO of Monopolize Your Marketplace, a marketing services firm that specializes in contractor marketing. His clients include all kinds of remodelers, ranging from national brands and

franchises, to some of the largest contractors in the country, down to mom and pop remodeling companies. He has presented more than 1,000 webinars and seminars teaching remodeling contractors how to make more money with better marketing.


Tim Musch has spent the past 25 years developing and refining computerized database marketing systems for the remodeling industry. Prior to this, he spent 15 years gaining experience in a family-owned remodeling company in Central Wisconsin. Currently, Tim is director of business

development for MarketSharp Software located in La Crosse, Wis. MarketSharp has supplied computerized marketing solutions to more than 2,800 of the country’s most successful remodelers including of 42 percent of Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 remodeling firms.