Trim Work

Metrie’s new Then and Now line of finishing trim and door collections simplifies selection and eliminates design errors. The five collections of trim products cover most major design styles and provide plenty of product options.

“Traditionally it has been difficult to specify and purchase trim and moulding products,” says Jan Rutgers, director, designer/architect relations and customer insights, Metrie (formerly known as Moulding and Millwork). “With these collections, we reign in the chaos of choice, and make it simple.”

The Then and Now collections feature correct proportions and embody the most popular North American décor styles. “It’s the subtleties like proportions that the professional will pick up on, and will have a dramatic effect on a room’s design,” Rutgers says. The collections include doors with matching trim and glass options, and even chair rails.

Once a style is chosen, a price point is determined and specific trim elements are chosen. When considering trim and moulding, remodelers must think about how these products affect an entire home, room by room. “It’s important for the designer and remodeler to think of the overall look of a home when specifying interior products. Trim and finishing elements should be thought about as strongly as the design of kitchens or bathrooms. These products can set the scene for the whole home,” Rutgers explains.

The five Then and Now collections include: French Curves, True Craft, Very Square, Fashion Forward and Pretty Simple. Each collection includes three scenes, except Pretty Simple which has two. Scene I is an introduction to the collection’s look. Scenes II and III feature larger pieces and proportions along with additional elements.

French Curves features traditional, fluid lines. Fashion Forward includes transitional pieces combining traditional and contemporary details. Very Square is the modern collection. True Craft is a Craftsman-inspired collection that celebrates the beauty of stained wood. Pretty Simple is inspired by the American colonial style. All scene I products are made of primed MDF; scene II products are either MDF or solid wood and all scene III pieces are solid wood and targeted for the professional.

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