Get Prospects to Play the Cards You Deal

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, consumers have been socialized into thinking they must get at least three estimates from reputable companies before making a buying decision. But what if those three estimates came from one reputable company? And what if they were delivered in such a compelling, meaningful way that the prospect felt comfortable giving you a sizable retainer before you even measured their kitchen?

Not only is this scenario possible, it’s central to a proven, industry-specific selling system that’s been in existence for 20+ years. The system has worked in communities coast to coast, in both affluent and blue collar markets, whether they have been urban, suburban or rural. And, the results have been transformational for the owners and sales designers who have mastered the principles, mechanics, presentation and nuances of its implementation.

Imagine doubling your sales volume in one-half the time it takes the average sales designer to typically earn a commitment following a traditional sales approach! Better yet, imagine winning these sales at gross profit margins that are up to 50% higher than what you normally achieve! These outcomes are all possible for those who dare to be different, dare to be more transparent, dare to be more credible.


All About Choice

For the most part, your target kitchen remodeling customer is likely educated. Educated people do not like to be sold anything. They prefer to be informed on the range of possibilities so they can make the right choice for their family.

However, the range of product choices can be mind-boggling for the consumer – and unlimited options tend to paralyze consumers. Human nature is such that, as long as there is an illusion of choice, consumers rarely focus on the missing options. Rather, a limited range of choices comforts people.

Your target kitchen remodeling customer is no doubt also very busy. He or she will spend time on the Internet gathering information and narrowing the choices. If you were in the market for a new kitchen, you, too, would probably want estimates from three reliable companies to be assured of making a good choice. However, if you became engaged with a credible professional, employing the aforementioned selling system that generates three different estimates, you might very well feel compelled to commit to him or her…on the spot.


Wondrous Sales Results

There are numerous keys to doubling your sales volume in one-half the time at 50% higher gross profit margins. The following are the most pivotal elements in the success of this system: