Quiet & Smart Ventilation Offers Extras

Many factors continue to drive interest in improved ventilation technology, from a surge in cooking interest to increases in allergy sufferers and a general awareness of the importance of indoor air quality. But it's not enough that ventilation units clear the air properly; they also are expected to do so with minimal noise and maximum energy savings - all while incorporating cool features like color-changing LED mood lighting and smart functionality.
Below are some of the hottest trends in ventilation today.
--As the interest in cooking continues to grow, powerful ventilation remains a critical kitchen need - and the newest units combine energy efficiency with high-powered performance for maximum results. Many also incorporate LED lighting that can be used to create task lighting that morphs into mood lighting at the touch of a button.
--New technology is ensuring that ventilation is quieter than ever before - especially important with the trend toward open-plan kitchens, which allow sound to travel further and be more intrusive into all the family areas of the home.
--Design-wise, hoods continue to follow the trend toward clean lines and simple designs, yet some unique shapes are turning up - including oval and rounded designs - and color and interestingly textured finishes continue to gain ground.
--Pop-up ventilation that disappears out of view when not in use provides a good option for those with limited space, and who want a seamless look.
--Smart ventilation continues to trend, with more attention being paid to units that "sense" when the air needs cleaning, and shut off after the appropriate amount of time.