Jetted Tubs Enhance Spa Bath Experience

The spa trend continues to drive interest in luxury, comfort-based bathing spaces, and this is particularly evident in the jetted tub category. While showering is generally viewed as a daily functional necessity, soaking in a jetted tub is often viewed as more of a special time that’s all about the relaxation experience and, as such, features such as chromatherapy, aromatherapy and music are becoming more standard.

Additionally, new technology allows for greater customization of water and air jets to provide a personalized massage that can soothe, invigorate and rejuvenate – or even provide medical wellness features.

Below are some of the hottest trends in jetted tubs.

--Today’s jetted tubs focus on multiple hydrotherapies that span the gamut from pure relaxation to pick-me-up revitalization – and many manufacturers allow customers to design their own massage based on what types of therapies are most important to them.

--New technology is making for quieter jets, creating a more restful bathing experience.

--There’s a growing interest in tubs that build radiant heat to the interior tub surface, keeping the water warm longer and allowing for a more relaxing soak.

--To provide the sought-after spa-like feeling, many designers are specifying tubs with chromatherapy, aromatherapy and music, with these features increasingly in demand.

--Style wise, clean lines, organic shapes, transitional styling and simple designs remain popular, though free-standing tubs are sometimes designed to provide a dramatic focal point to the bath.