Outdoor Kitchens Reflect Indoor Amenities

Bringing the indoors out is not a common goal in kitchen design, except when it comes to creating an outdoor kitchen. Today's outdoor kitchens more and more are a reflection of its comparable indoor space, with a variety of amenities that were unheard of just a few years ago.

While the grill is still the main component of the outdoor kitchen, it is now joined by pizza ovens, burners and warming drawers for food preparation. And the grill is no ordinary barbecue anymore, with a range of cooking options such as searing, smoking, stir frying and more.

A number of appliances are now UL-listed for use in the outdoor kitchens, and are right at home in this entertaining hot spot. Undercounter refrigerators and refrigerator drawers, wine units, beer kegs, ice machines and even dishwashers provide optimum functionality.

And, outside, design does not take a back seat to function, as there are a wealth of options when it comes to waterproof cabinetry, simulated stone, sinks and faucets and heating elements.

On these two pages, KBDN takes a look at some of the products currently making a statement in the outdoor kitchen.