Cooking Appliances Go Smart, Multifunctional

Just as today’s consumers seem to be juggling more tasks and more technology, today’s cooking appliances are expected to provide smart, fast, efficient, high-tech and multifunctional solutions to simplify cooking functions. Flexibility is also important, as today’s kitchens tend to service more cooks than in years’ past, from children preparing quick meals to couples cooking together, or multigenerational families sharing in holiday food preparations. At the same time, cooking appliances that can provide healthy options, speed cooking capabilities and some specialty options for the gourmet cook are all in high demand.

Below are some of the hottest trends in cooking appliances right now:

·         Homeowners increasingly want cooking appliances that can multi-task, with features that make tasks efficient and easy, and functions that promote healthy cooking.

·         “Smart” functionality and efficiency are key trends in cooking appliances today. That said, technology must be simple to use, with touch panels sized so that older eyes can read them easily.

·         Due to a greater number of cooks in the kitchen, there’s a growing demand for cooking appliances that allow for flexible placement; accessibility concerns must also be factored in, particularly when designing for families with children or older family members.

·         As interest in cooking continues to grow, consumers are increasingly looking to add function-specific appliances such as warming-drawers, steam ovens, griddles and rotisseries.

·         Speed and convenience also matter. High BTU burners, quick pre-heats and rapid boiling are all features consumers are seeking to help get dinner on the table more quickly.

·         Stainless steel is still popular, but color seems to be coming back as well, with a growing interest in matte black, shades of white, pops of bold color and fingerprint-free finishes.