Personalization and Functionality Drive Kitchen Sink Trends

Functionality and personalization seem to be the driving forces in kitchen design right now, and this is particularly true with the kitchen sink, where consumers seek a variety of shapes, styles and materials that are both durable and able to be customized to suit their personal tastes.

Stainless steel remains hot, though color is also becoming more evident as consumers get more adventurous in the kitchen. Transitional styling continues to trend, with clean lines and easy-care surfaces in high demand.

Below are some of the latest trends in kitchen sinks right now.

--The personalization trend remains evident, with consumers seeking a wide variety of design styles, shapes and colors to meet their individual needs and preferences. This trend has also given rise to interesting material contrasts, for instance, rustic, earthy sink materials juxtaposed with cool finishes or contemporary faucet styles.

--Interest is shifting away from double-bowl sinks in favor of large, single-bowl sinks, which offer greater versatility.

--Stainless steel continues to be a strong trend, though there's growing interest in quartz sinks due to their durability and the multitude of color options available.

--Traditional styles are giving way to more modern and retro styles, with cleaner lines and transitional forms influencing kitchen sink design, along with a greater interest in functionality.

--Sink accessories are also growing in popularity, including custom-sized bottom grids that protect and extend the life of the sink.