Study Sheds Light on Activities in the ‘Ideal’ Kitchen

The Digital Kitchen Study and the resulting Digital Entertainment Kitchen display at this year’s Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference (K/BIS) further shed light on what consumers felt were the most desired kitchen activities. According to the Digital Kitchen Study, a cross-industry collaboration involving leading members of the CABA Internet Home Alliance Research Council, the following are the activities consumers would most like to do – and not do – in their “ideal†kitchen:   Kitchen as control center, not entertainment center. While some who are remodeling their kitchen said they want to watch movies and videos in the kitchen, the vast majority (85%) of homeowners said they don’t see themselves watching videos or movies in the kitchen, perhaps because those are activities that need time and attention, two things in short supply when making dinner. In addition, the vast majority (93%) would not play video games in their ideal kitchen. There are just two entertainment-oriented items that consumers want in their ideal kitchen of the future: a TV and wireless Internet access. Crack the books, but not where you crack the eggs. According to the survey, 48% of children do their homework in the kitchen. However, the survey also found that the majority of parents (59%) prefer that their children not do their homework in the kitchen. According to parents, the ideal kitchen is not an ideal place for doing homework. Keep the Play-Doh away from the cookie dough. In homes with children, 43% reported doing arts and crafts in the kitchen. However, 69% of all parents say they don’t want their kids doing arts and crafts projects in the kitchen. In homes without children, the survey found that crafting activities rarely took place in the kitchen. Weather or Not. The survey revealed that 37% of homeowners would like to check the weather from their kitchen. But an on-demand weather information device was chosen by just 12% of respondents as something they’d like in their ideal kitchen. It may be that a device that provides weather information only is less appealing than wireless Internet access in the kitchen, which can transmit a variety of content. Look for more information about this in the upcoming 6/07 issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News. And log onto Live Events, and Consumer Resources. (Be sure to log onto for Kitchen & Bath Design News’ coverage of the 2007 Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference (K/BIS) in Las Vegas. Log onto the home page to visit the Live Events, Top Headlines, Project Spotlight and Consumer Resources sections, and Product Gallery. And don’t forget to sign up for our eNewsletters that will cover other upcoming industry shows.)   The Digital Entertainment Kitchen display showcased such high-tech features as a hidden Xbox and a built-in, flat-panel TV with a host of features including a fireplace display.