Not your ordinary steel beam

From Rob H – This is not your standard product write-up you’d see in the pages of Residential Design & Build. I write this as someone who spent several hours in the facilities where people are producing a product that can improve the home design and construction processes. What LiteSteel Technologies is doing in its newly updated facilities in Virginia (pictured below) is exciting. The company is producing LiteSteel Beam (also pictured below), a product that truly saves time and money for those designing and building custom homes. The LiteSteel Beam, or LSB for short, is a cold-formed, lightweight steel structural beam that combines the strength of steel with the workability of wood. I’ve personally seen one of these structural beams cut into two pieces with a circular saw you’d use to cut two-by-fours. Of course the blade is different, but the process is not. Standard professional power tools allow installers to screw holes as well for bolting and nailing. Applications include basement beams, garage beams, long-span headers, roof and ridge beams, and floor and deck supports. The lightweight nature of the steel beam eliminates the expense of operating heavy equipment to lift and position standard structural beams into place. One or two workers can handle the beams with nothing more than their two hands. If you haven’t seen the LSB product before, check it out at And before you head to your next trade show, check the exhibitor list for LiteSteel Technologies and if they’re there, make sure you stop by their booth to see it for yourself. But allow enough time for the booth visit, because the crowds in front of their booth at IBS 2009 stopped traffic on the show floor. And once you’re ready to use LSB on your next job, you’ll be ready to go using the LSB Selector Software that allows you to properly specify the product for residential and light commercial applications. For more information, visit their website listed two paragraphs above, call 877-285-2607 or send e-mail to