You are not your job

It's easy to carry the weight of the recession on your shoulders around your office, and to let that weight bring you down. It’s difficult to look beyond today toward better days, but it’s important to try. I stay motivated by telling myself this is a temporary situation, and things will turn around. I remind myself that these sometimes dismal days will soon be behind us, and we’ll all tell war stories, and talk about lessons learned during this great recession. All of these are true statements, so my conversations with myself are effective, and I remain motivated to do my job. The economy will get better, and for some architects and builders, it already is. I have the privilege of speaking to architects and builders every week, and occasionally at trade shows and conventions to speak to them face to face. And I can tell you that almost every conversation I’ve had with readers of Residential Design & Build in the past two months has been about the increased traffic and phone calls they’re seeing, and in some cases actual signed contracts landing on their desks. Recovery is already beginning; You just don’t hear about it on the nightly news. If your business still struggles, don’t start taking blame or beating yourself up for forces you can’t control, like the economy. And remember, you’re better than what your balance sheet shows; You are not your job.