How are you grounded?

I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to get away from writing about custom home design and construction today to discuss something else. I want to know how you’re grounded. When you’re stressed out, or when you’ve had all you can take at work, or when you’re out of town on a business trip, how do you clear your head? What keeps you grounded? For me, it’s running. I love it. I’ve been running for 24 years now, and I would love nothing more than to stay healthy enough to keep running as long as I live. I go running in the mornings. I’m up early, before the sun. I’m lucky enough to live about a half mile from a wealthy community where I see one home every 10 acres. On most morning runs I never encounter another human; not in a car, not on a bike and not on foot. It’s great. Here's a picture of the road. I can get so close to deer eating on the side of the road I swear I can tackle them if I wanted to. I try to pick out all the different bird songs I hear. I say hello to the cows grazing on the one remaining farm in the neighborhood. That farmer’s ancestors at one time most likely owned all the land where I see beautiful mansions today. Sometimes I hear a pack of coyotes yelping in the distance and I try to determine how close they are. My favorite game is guessing how close I can get to the raccoons feasting in front of me on the evening’s road kill before they spot me coming and run away. Here's a picture of the barn on the farm. When I’m out of town on business, I go for morning runs because it makes me feel great. I don’t drag my feet while walking the trade show floor if I’ve run that morning. If nothing else, running makes me feel less guilty about all the calories I consumed the day before during convention-center lunches and business dinners that always begin way too late in my opinion. Don’t restaurants open earlier than 8 p.m. when conventions are in town? Here's one of the homes in Barrington Hills. When I miss a morning run for whatever reason, I feel off balance all day. On those days when I’m in town, I get jealous of runners I see on my drive home after work. What grounds you? What’s your passion outside of the office? What’s your hobby? What makes you feel like yourself when you’re out of town? What keeps you focused? Tell me. Send me an email. Or, tell everyone. Join RD&B’s LinkedIn group and post your comments for other members to see. LinkedIn is free to join and you won’t get e-mail spam if you join. We have almost 300 members in the RD&B group who you can network with. Check it out.