Are you really happy to have a job?

I’d bet that at least once in the past month you’ve told someone, “I’m just happy to have a job.†Am I right? This phrase has become commonplace in recent months and is used as someone finishes complaining about the extra work dumped on their shoulders because of layoffs, and after they suddenly realize that one in ten Americans are unemployed. I know a few people who have been laid off, as I’m sure you do. Do you find yourself not complaining about work around them? I check myself, that’s for sure. If you’re someone who has said this to someone recently, ask yourself if you’re truly happy to have a job, or if you’re saying it because it’s the socially expected thing to say. Ultimately, yes, I am actually happy to have a job. Sure, there is more work to do and fewer people to do it. But it’s a challenge, and I -- like most people -- step up to a challenge and do the best I can. I don’t remember working harder in my career, and I also don't remember feeling that my job is as rewarding as it has been lately because of that hard work. I recognize that I am in control of my attitude toward, and perspective on my job, and I choose to remain positive. What’s your attitude these days? Tell us. Scroll up to the first paragraph of this blog entry, look to the right and click where you see, “Leave a comment†or “Post or view comments.†Or you can send me an e-mail.