Thanks for the knife

I don’t have it in me. I’m not the kind of guy to stick a knife in someone’s back to get ahead. This doesn’t mean I don’t like to succeed; I do, and I have. I’m aggressive when I have to be. I speak my mind while doing my best to not let others run over me. Ultimately I choose to succeed based on my actions alone, not by harming someone else. That’s weak. As the recession drags on, be strong. Try every trick in your bag. Be aggressive. Be creative. Don’t be surprised, however, to find yourself or others doing things not normally seen during a healthier economy. When backed into a corner, or when facing dwindling resources, humans – and animals – will do almost anything to survive. Just remember you’re not an animal, so don’t act like one. You still need to look at yourself in the mirror every day. Most likely all of us have had experience with cut-throat competitors. You know who they are, so keep your eye on them. That's easy. The difficult task is spotting those you don’t expect to stab you in the back – sometimes right in front of your face. Be on guard, because they could be lurking closer than you know. And if you’re stabbed in the back, be cool. Remove the knife, clean your wound and use your anger to feed a fire in your belly that drives you to succeed by overcoming the actions of weak individuals. Be the bigger person and succeed with pride. You’ll be happier for doing so.