Texas fights for incandescent light bulbs

Compact florescent light bulbs are getting a push from the federal government as some state governments fight back. Texas is one state fighting that push with a new bill allowing incandescent light bulbs to be made and sold within the state. The federal mandate doesn't ban incandescent bulbs but rather tightens restrictions on them: 100 watt bulbs have to be 25 percent more energy efficient. Under the Texas bill, any incandescent bulb will be available for use in the state. CFLs also are known to contain mercury which is released when the bulbs are broken. As reported in an NPR report, good recycling methods for CFLs have not been figured out yet therefore when the bulbs are broken at landfills, the mercury is released into the soil. In addition, Texas Governor Rick Perry argues the federal government doesn't have the right to dictate what Americans buy and use, rather leave that decision up to them. Arguments on the other side of the table say, why wouldn't you be in favor of more energy efficient practices and products. These are definitely fundamental differences that are often divided right down the aisle. Government involvement in building practices is nothing new. We recently saw this issue with fire sprinklers within residential construction. Where do you stand on the issue of CFLs vs. incandescents? Is Thomas Edison's product something of the past? Post a comment or send me an e-mail.