Share your story

In the September issue, we published a column by Bill Styczynski. Bill shared his experiences – struggles and successes – through the housing slowdown and recession. It was a very honest and raw look at everything he’s been through. I am very honored that Bill felt comfortable enough to share everything so honestly with our audience. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from that article. The October issue includes another similar article – this time by Andy Rosenthal. Again, I am honored Andy felt comfortable to share his story with RD+B.

Because I believe you learn from others’ stories, publishing these columns is very important. There are many builders and designers I’ve spoken with who are struggling – while there are many who are very busy. It’s important to recognize both sides of the spectrum.

We are looking for more builders, architects and designers to share their stories of struggle and success. If interested, please send me an email.