Don’t sit around waiting for the industry to come back

Many builders are slow these days and we all know the story: banks have tight lending policies, the economy, consumer sentiment and a slew of other reasons. But it’s also true that not every market is the same and some of the builders who I speak with are still busy.

So what are you doing with your time if you are in the slow category? Are you just waiting and hoping things will come back to where they were or are you doing something to prepare and expand your business?

Here are a few ideas of how to fill your time while you’re slow:

Social media. You could be expanding your presence through social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and write a blog to inform people about what you do. Yes it takes time and effort but look at it like a farmer: He plants the seeds, nurtures his crop and waits for his rewards. Social media is in its infancy and it would be better to get a head start than play catch up later.

Philanthropy. Your business could be doing volunteer work that highlights your company and the skills you have. Get together with a lumber yard that is willing to provide the materials and fix a needy person’s porch or roof. Think of the free publicity. You could also push it out further with your new social media connections.

Education. Another avenue is to search out and learn new construction techniques or newly available products that enhance your business and benefit your clients. You could then write on your blog what you have found and learned further expanding your level of authority in your field.

Other markets. Do you have a staff? If so, spend time looking into other routes your business could expand into. There could be markets within your area that have yet to be fully utilized. Use the abilities of your people – they may have ideas you can explore further.

These are just a few ideas and I have no doubt there are more. The worst thing you can be doing with your time right now is nothing. That’s just wasting time.

Have you implemented other ideas that advance your business so that when things do turn around, you are ready to move forward with confidence and authority? Share how you have been using your time.