Has the American Dream Home Gone Away?

Everywhere you turn, there are so many negative topics about the economy, politics, recalls, education and the housing industry. I, too can get caught up in everything I read and shake my head. But I didn’t get into the family business of building homes just to have it go away.

I was taught to do well in school, get a stable job, earn a living, make something of yourself and work your way to having the American Dream – a home. Yes, the all-American Dream – having your own home with a white picket fence and the responsibility of a mortgage. Homeownership is an accomplishment.

What has happened to that dream and so quickly? Before the recession hit, it seemed everyone could afford that dream home no matter the cost. A mortgage loan was given out to almost everyone who applied; interest rates were higher but borrowing money was not an issue like it is today; consumers bought the McMansions with all the bells and whistles. Life was good, yes sir.

Here we are in 2011 and the housing market is in much-needed help as well as the lack of jobs. We need to focus on getting back to reality, creating employment - especially in the home construction industry.

Over the past 10 years or so, more businesses sent production to other countries. We export product then import our own goods back into the U.S., sell cheap only to have little or no quality in the products. How many times have you been frustrated with an inferior product because of its quality and find it was made overseas? Or when you have to make a call about a service, you find you are talking to someone who isn’t even based in the United States? Why is America going away?

The focus for the American dream home is to bring it back home. Let’s do something for our economy, neighbor, and ourselves. Consider using building materials and products that are assembled and manufactured here in the United States of America. What a concept. At Cobblestone Builders, we have pioneered this idea with our suppliers and contractors committed to build American before ABC News started reporting on it.

Building a new home is a large investment, one of the bigger investments you will make. Wouldn’t you feel better about the quality, the morality and proud to be an American even if it costs just two to five percent more? Isn’t this something to consider when remodeling, renovating or building that next project. Now that’s a lasting impression.

Just think of how this would generate the economy, businesses, and job creation. This would create such a domino effect but most important of all, we are taking our country back.

I’m proud to be an American in the land of the free. Are you?