Are We There Yet?

Remember the last time you loaded the family into the car for a long journey? The kids were buckled in the backseat. Sun was shining, blue skies. Things were going along great. Then, about an hour into the drive you heard, “Are we there yet?”

No, we are not there yet. The economy still faces challenges. The phone remains silent. The blue skies are gone—or at least they feel like they are. Many of us put a lot of our self-worth into what we do. If we are not working, then we may feel like we are somehow not needed. Don’t fall for that.When times were better and work was plentiful we found we were too busy. Golfing or fishing were not on the “to do” list. We had only three things on the list: work, work and work. Many of us didn’t take time for ourselves. To quote Jim Croce, “There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.”

Now we find we have time. More time than we expected. I suggest we invest this time in ourselves. Take a class at the local community college, organize your tools, network new ideas with your peers at the supply house. Prepare for the next wave of prosperity within our industry. We will work hard again soon.

While we carry-on, I also suggest you give back by donating your skills to organizations, like Habitat for Humanity, churches or local community groups. Serving alongside of someone facing more challenging situations than you will allow you to be thankful for what you do have and not be concerned about what you don’t. By adopting this type of attitude it will produce a positive outlook for the future.

The holiday season and the New Year always invoke dreams and resolutions of new beginnings. I encourage you to dream again. We will come through these hard times together. Take this gift of time and invest also in your friends and family. Remember, the greatest things in life are not things.

Phil Green owns P. G. C. Construction, Remodeling and Design. He has been a remodeling contractor for 30 years.