Are you missing opportunities to build your business?

Over the years I’ve noticed that the builders have for the most part shunned advertising as a whole and the Internet specifically. It was okay to take that path when there was plenty of work and most of your projects came from referrals. But in recent years we’ve all had to step up our game to keep new business coming in the door.

Today cash flow is more carefully managed. We need to get the most from each dollar and use our resources to have the most impact on our bottom line. Looking for opportunities to showcase our products or services may not be at the top of our list, but it is important that we continue to do just that.

Designating someone in the office to keep your website updated, create blog posts, and manage social media isn’t necessarily in your tighter budget. If you no longer have the staff to take care of this, you should make time to do it yourself.

Spending time reading and commenting on posts and articles by other builders and suppliers may seem a waste of time. Don’t think of it as time wasted, but as opportunities created. You are opening doors. You are making connections and educating yourself to be a more informed builder.

If you haven’t invested in a website, do it today. You don’t need a mega-site. You need a presence on the web. Add a blog page and share information, links to useful resources, links to trends and products, engage your market. You are a professional, so share your knowledge.

Set up your profile and page on social media sites. Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn are good starting places. Be sure that your Google Places page has contact information, a description of your business, and photos. Ask your clients to post reviews. These are the basics, are free, and will get you noticed by the search engines. Most people search the Internet for local businesses.

Does this sound overwhelming? Take small steps. Ask for help. While it’s not a hammer and nails, neither is construction today. It isn’t rocket science and it does work. Visits to our website have increased over 25% in the past twelve months. That increase has led to sales. We have stepped up our web presence over the past year. This works for us and it will work for you.

Post your questions below or drop me a note if I can help. As builders, we may have come to the the Internet late, but we can make it work for us today. Don’t miss these opportunities to build your business today!