Remembering the value of face-to-face meetings

We have done all our promotions. We have used our social media outlets to promote our business and placed our advertising for its best use. Yet sometimes with all of our promotions and placing our business out for the world to see, we may have missed a vital step.


That critical step is meeting people and potential clients face-to-face.


You can have great ads and a beautiful website that highlights all the wonderful accomplishments your company does and you should keep that up. Your virtual presence is wonderful. But you need to ramp up your real-life presence, too. Remember that it’s actual people who hire you to build their homes and you need to make that experience personal. Their home is one of the most personal and largest investments they will ever make.


So how about trying some of these options for more personal interactions:


- Attend trade shows in your area and have a booth. This offers you personalization and product promotion.


- Offer workshops and team up with interior designers. You could do this monthly and feature different designers from your area and expand that into all design areas such as kitchen and bath designers. It’s a great way to enhance your presence and meet potential clients.


- Have you ever thought of offering a bird-house building on Saturdays, which is open to children 12 and under? The children under 12 need to be brought by their parents, which provides another great meeting opportunity. You have created goodwill and get to meet new people.


- Children draw the greatest pictures, so why not offer a contest and have children under a certain age submit their “What my house looks like” drawings. Promote your contest and have a showing at the school or other public place. Parents and friends will surely come and you can hand out prizes and awards.


These are just a few ways you could actually meet potential clients on a one-to-one basis. Some of these contacts may turn out to be customers and some may not, but by meeting them you have extended your business' reach in your community in a personal way.


This is an important fact in the construction field and more so than for other businesses. You need to meet and communicate on a one-to-one basis with your clients to make their new home a reality. They are buying you just as much as the home you are proposing build for them. Clients want to trust, like and respect the person that is going to build them their most costly and personal item – their home.


No one is going to have you build them a home solely because of a great ad or campaign you have on Facebook, and the reason is simple: They’re not buying a bar of soap or a television.