Newsletters are an open door to new sales

Communication. It’s easy with clients. You ask questions and they answer. They ask questions and you answer. That’s the easy part. Keeping the lines of communication open with potential clients is a little more complicated, but is just as important.

Your list of potential clients grows daily. You bid projects, meet people at networking events and in your community, your truck may have a sign on it and your website spreads the word. You get the idea. You end up with names and contact information for many of these people. But, do you use this information or does it stay in your computer or notebook?

Reach out. Stay on their radar. You never know when a friend or relative of your son’s coach will look for someone to remodel their kitchen or build a new home. If you’ve stayed in touch with the coach, yours should be the name he passes on.

Of course, you can’t self promote at every ball game. That will quickly make you the coach’s least favorite person. However you can send a monthly or quarterly email newsletter to him and everyone else on your email list. This newsletter should not be just a sales piece. You should share information about current projects and company updates. If you have any special promotions, include them, then finish the newsletter with information that they can use every day. Tips on home maintenance and energy savings are always welcome. Encourage people to email or call you with any questions.

Your newsletter becomes your handshake, or like handing your card to a potential client. It’s a reminder that you are open and ready to help them and their friends with their building projects. The newsletter should be informative, so they will want to open and read it. It works to keep the lines of communication open without being obtrusive.

Email newsletters are simple to set up and are inexpensive. Companies like iContact, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, and Contactology have online templates that make it easy to create your own branded newsletter and send it out to your own contacts. You just update it each time you are ready to send off another newsletter. Email newsletter companies also provide reporting, allowing you to track who opened your newsletter and which information was the most popular with your contacts.

While your website and blog are always available, they are passive marketing tools. Facebook and Twitter are more active, but they only reach the people who are signed up with their services. Since almost everyone has email today, a newsletter is a great active marketing avenue. So get started, build that email list and keep your name in front of everyone. The next time the coach’s neighbor mentions that he’s going to have some work done you’ll be in the conversation.