Double Check Your "Renovate Right"

Are you using the right Renovate Right brochure? If you don't provide the brochure to your customers, or are using the wrong version, it could add up to some liabilities for you. As an example, last March Window World of St. Louis, Inc.was fined nearly $20,000 for failure to properly notify customers of lead-based paint risks prior to performing renovation work. EPA has changed the Renovate Right brochure a few times since it debut.  Make sure you are distributing the correct version. The original Renovate Right was first revised in April 2010.  It reflects the omission of the opt-out option, which was originally allowed in RRP work. The most recent revision is based on the July 15, 2011 ruling regarding clearance testing.  New brochures are available at the EPA website, as well as individual inserts for the new page 10 of Renovate Right.  Those files can be downloaded at the EPA Lead website .  The inserts are designed so you can print them on your office printer on 8.5 x 11 paper. The revised page regarding "After the Work is Done" makes a point to describe the current "White Glove" wipe-and-compare procedure and that "EPA research has shown that following the use of lead-safe work practices with the cleaning verification protocol will effectively reduce lead dust hazards." The EPA information describes how the homeowner can have lead-dust testing conducted at their request and cost.  It further supports the current protocol by stating "EPA believes that if you use a certified and trained renovation contractor who follows the LRRP rule by using lead-safe work practices and the cleaning protocol after the job is finished, lead-dust hazards will be effectively reduced…Contractors are not required by EPA to conduct lead-dust testing." It's nice to have in print the EPA's assurance that they have confidence in the protocol. Don't forget, emailing Renovate Right is acceptable.  See our article on how to comply using email. Here are some resources for ordering Renovate Right. Make sure you verify they are selling you the UPDATED version. Wisconsin Legal Connor Institute Green Education Services Environmental Innovative Technologies Safe Objectives, Inc. Training Services International