Use Social Media To Show You're The Expert

In today’s construction market every business needs to use every avenue possible to enhance their position and social media is a great tool for doing that. It makes no difference whether you are a large or small builder. By not using this source you are hurting your business’ position and bottom line. Social media provides an opportunity to enhance your authority and reputation, and make you stand out among the many other builders that a potential buyer has to choose from.

What you will you gain by using social media?

You have the advantage to show that you have expert knowledge and experience as a builder. In a crowded market with so many builders trying to attract potential buyers, setting yourself above the rest is a key part of gaining new business.

How is this accomplished?

The easiest way is to write a blog that highlights the various aspects of home construction. This shouldn't be an advertisement of your work but of how things are done or why it’s best to do a project in a certain way. This is just one example but there are many possibilities. If you think of the total number of parts that go into building a home, you should have plenty to write about.

You may also want to add some guest posts from others such as designers, plumbers, electricians or even an employee. The point is to provide relevant content that is useful and interesting for others. A key component of your success lies in being 100 percent the real you. Don’t even think of doing it any other way or it will be a failure on many levels. It will more than likely hurt your business instead of help.

Spreading the word

Once you a blog you need to have others viewing. The best place to start is to use some social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is a great way to network with others within your field. As your following and reputation grow, they will start to share your blog posts with their followers to enjoy too. People now see that you have valuable information and will tell others. Some of these people may be in the market for a new home or may know someone else who is.

Using Facebook is much the same and can be a useful local tool. I have a friend in California and most of her business comes through Facebook. In either case don’t just post your content but find other information that people will find useful; remember the 80/20 rule. Post 80 percent from others and 20 percent your own. You are not advertising what you do as much as how knowledgeable you are.

The basic thing to remember is that you are trying to show people that you have great knowledge in your field and that you are real. As we move forward, we all need to examine every possible way that we can attach value to our businesses in a way that will enhance our reputations and consequently our bottom lines. Social media, if used correctly, can have a direct affect on your reputation and provide another path to reach potential clients.

A friend recently wrote: “social media is the new handshake.”