Why I'm Finally Remodeling My Home

A remodeler once told me people who recently purchased a home and those who have lived in their homes for four years are the most inclined to remodel. Well, I hit the four-year point of owning my condo one year ago. And coincidentally I have been seriously considering doing some updates to my unit for the past year.

In honor of National Remodeling Month, I’m finally pulling the trigger on the work I’ve been meaning to have done to make my home more functional and comfortable. The No. 1 item on my list is my master bedroom reach-in closet. It is 7-feet wide but the 4-foot opening is located on one side of the closet, so there is about 3 feet of space that is very difficult for me to reach. I end up rotating through the outfits in the very front of my closet and neglecting all the great clothes in the back. Recently, while cleaning out my closet in preparation for its redesign, I found fabulous clothing items I forgot I had. In one way that’s great because it’s like shopping for free, but it’s also annoying because I continue shopping thinking I don’t have any clothes. (This remodel could save me a lot of money by putting an end to my shopping habit! Maybe not … .)

The excitement about finally getting a functional closet has put me in the spirit to complete a bunch of other projects around my place (the list for my remodeler keeps getting longer). From the conversations I’ve been having with QR’s readers lately, it sounds like a lot of homeowners are feeling the same way I do: They’re finally hiring professionals to come in and make their homes more functional and comfortable. My decision was based on the fact that I don’t intend to sell anytime soon and I feel financially stable. Would you say the homeowners hiring you are finally remodeling for the same reasons? What are you doing during National Remodeling Month to get in front of these homeowners who are ready to pull the trigger on their remodeling projects?

Christina Koch is editor of Qualified Remodeler.