Awards Season Brings Excitement

As much as I dislike watching sports, with the exception of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I cannot wait for the Olympics to start next month. Maybe it’s because every time I turn on the TV there’s a different sport to watch, or maybe it’s because it’s one of the few world events that brings almost every major country together in good sportsmanship. But I think most of it is because once every two years, we have the opportunity to watch the best of the best compete. There’s something exhilarating about watching these world-class athletes who have spent their whole lives training for Olympic glory go for the gold. The determination, talent and raw emotion on display is inspiring.

Seeing the best go head-to-head is thrilling, which is why I’m also excited about Qualified Remodeler’s Master Design Awards. Remodelers across the country are evaluating their work from the past year to submit projects to one or more of our 22 available categories. As the person behind the scenes, I have a front-row seat to your projects. Last year our judges noticed that you are being forced to be more creative with smaller budgets and smaller spaces. The same looks to be true this year.

Rather than designs that appear to reflect homeowners competing with their neighbors to build the most extravagant house, designs reflect a homeowner’s personality and are intended to create a welcoming, homey space that serves as a retreat from the 9-to-5 bustle. Just because a client has a smaller space and smaller budget doesn’t mean he or she has smaller expectations. If anything, the opposite rings true and the remodeling industry is adapting well to this way of designing and building.

Registration for the Master Design Awards is open until June 22; final materials are due July 13. This year we introduced an option for online submissions so you can upload high-resolution photos and supporting documents to a website rather than mail in binders. Be sure to review rules and regulations to select which category is best for you and what information we require you include.