Can good customer service make you better?

You know your trade. You know that you offer quality and value. So how do you define
that in a way that the client will understand? That you are their best choice? You enhance
your service and/or product by backing it up with customer service that goes above and

Customer service often takes a back seat. The salesmen sell your services, the
craftsmen do the work (and often both of these are done by the same people), but the
person who backs everything up and answers all the questions is secondary. However,
great customer service is usually the best sales tool you have.

When a potential client makes contact with you, you aren't selling, you are providing
information and assistance. The client is either impressed with your willingness to
answer questions or is left feeling like you've "sold" them on your product/service. No
one wants to be "sold." They want to be encouraged and engaged. They want to feel that
you care about their project, not only about your bottom line.

So, step back and rethink how you react to an incoming call. Do you just want the job or
do you want to help these people understand what they are getting and how you can help
them get it? Do you want to be their "go to" person for this and future work? Then think
about how you can become that person.

Put on your customer service hat long before you have the job. Work to develop a
relationship with each person who comes into your office or calls you on the phone.
Train yourself and your staff to engage these people first and sell second. This will be the
engine that drives each project and each referral. This will make you better.