Five ways to prepare for housing's recovery

Housing is beginning to recover. New home sales are up significantly over last year, and prices continue to rise. Now we have to make sure we are not only ready for a full-scale recovery, but are ahead of the game.


It's time to grow your online presence. If you haven't developed a website and social media profiles, then you need to start now. If you have already done that, you need to take time to freshen it all up and promote yourself. Your competitors are out there, setting up pages, growing their follower lists, showing off their work, so keep up.


Following are five ways you can get ready to succeed in the housing recovery.


1) Brand yourself. Make sure your website gives the world a good picture of who you are and what you do. If you make widgets, make sure that your website lets people see the variety and number of options that are available in your widgets.


2) Go mobile. More people are looking for you from their phones and tablets. Your website should be optimized for mobile viewing.


3) Socialize. Set up your company page on Facebook and Google Plus. Post information about yourself, your staff, your company and interact with your followers. Share interesting articles and information that doesn't come from you, but that will set you up as a resource.


4) Promote professionally. Review your LinkedIn page and connect with others within your industry. Share news and information that your contacts will find useful. Join groups that will give you not only exposure, but information you can share with your clients.


5) Be consistent. The information you share should consistently promote your brand and its value. While you'll be sharing to different audiences and you need to fine-tune your information to establish your authority in your field, your final message should be that you are the best source for your product or service.


Don't wait. Do this and grab your share of the recovery. This boom may not be as resounding as the last, but it will be as, if not more, important.