Five reasons remodeling is awesome

As daylight dwindles and temperatures drop, it’s easy to let these changes in nature affect your mood. It always takes me a few days to mentally adjust to the end of summer and the beginning of another winter. But, remodelers have much to feel good about, so I am listing a few here to help make you feel better about the cold, dark days ahead.


1) You’re always learning. With an endless stream of new products entering the market, you must remain educated about each of them to best serve your clients, and to build the best possible homes. New software such as BIM products are changing the way homes are built, as they maximize efficiencies and profit. Wise remodelers are learning how to use these tools to sharpen their competitive edge. The nature of business itself is changing, too. Clients are more educated, profit margins are more difficult to maintain, and there are many lessons to learn about all of it. Marketing strategies are changing, too, as the Internet continues to have an impact on every aspect of business. Learn how to stay in front of all these changes, or suffer a slow demise.


2) New challenges. Each project, being unique, presents its own unique challenges. Two kitchen remodels might feature similar if not the same products, but no two jobs are exactly the same, which presents a remodeler with new challenges on a regular basis. How refreshing it must be to face fresh challenges all the time rather than the same ones day after day.


3) You’re primed for growth. Many remodelers have adapted to difficult market conditions to survive to this point. Now, those remodelers are ready for growth as homes begin selling and remodeling activity picks up. Even those remodelers who have survived the recession by doing the same old things are positioned to benefit from an improving housing market.


4) You’re keeping the economy going. The remodeling segment of the construction industry has been doing its part to keep the housing market alive these past few years. Be proud of this fact, and keep the momentum moving forward.


5) You’re out of the office. You’re not stuck behind a desk all day, and you should be glad. You’re going from site to site, interacting with different people each day, encountering new situations and creating solutions for each new challenge that pops up. Coming from someone trapped in a building with inoperable windows, you can’t overlook the fresh air and sunshine, too. Trust me.


Can you add something to this list? What am I missing?