My 9 predictions for housing in the year 2100

Every now and then an airline magazine publishes an article that interests me, far more than what some celebrity enjoys about his or her favorite city. A recent issue of American Way magazine published an article based on an interview with string-theorist and part-time futurist Michio Kaku, which interested me more than usual. Kaku, who has published many books including his most recent book about science and technology’s influence on life in 2100, shared his predictions for life during what remains of this century, including…


…People will surf the web via eye glasses or contact lenses.


…The walls of one’s home will be intelligent, and capable of simulating a shopping experience in three dimensions, or visiting potential vacation destinations.


…People experiencing physical ailments will talk to Robo Doc, who will answer most common medical questions , ultimately reducing health care costs.


…Cars will drive themselves while you read, relax or work.


…Toilets will include DNA scanners that can detect proteins and DNA fragments of cancer cells years before tumors develop, possibly removing the word “tumor” from the English language.


…Every organ in the human body will be grown in labs, and no one will die of organ failure.


…Genetic manipulation will allow people to stop aging at, say, age 30, and remain there for a long time.


…Computers will be found only in museums, yet computer power will be everywhere, and nowhere, like electricity and running water.


…Super-computer power will shrink the size of MRI machines to that of mobile phones.


So what do these predictions have to do with custom home design and construction? Nothing, except maybe that I read this article on the way home from an event relating to the housing market. This article, however, inspired me to make my own predictions for the housing market in the year 2100. Here goes.


- Every new home will be net-zero.


- Custom homes will be built with pre-manufactured parts and pieces.


- Most homes will be modular.


- Each home will have its own water reclamation/recycling plant.


- Before ground is broken, clients will take life-like virtual walk-throughs of their homes, including every selection they’ve made.


- Energy will be generated by sunlight hitting a home’s windows.


- No incandescent bulbs (duh).


- Kitchens will be plug-and-play, in which remodeling will be done Lego-style.


- Wires will not exist outside of walls, and barely any will be needed inside walls, too.


Don’t believe me? Good luck telling me I’m wrong come 2100. So, what are your predications for the housing market 20, 50 or 100 years from now? Go ahead, predict.