Help us chronicle Sandy's clean-up

You may have had a delay if you tried to correspond with a few staff members of around October 29, and for the rest of the week following.  Superstorm Sandy, that Frankenstorm, or Hurricane, or Tropical Storm (depending on where you were when it hit you), knocked much of the east coast of the U.S. down for the count.

What a lot of our readers don't realize is that some of our staff weathered this out in more than just words and pictures -- we have staff, including most of the editorial staff of Kitchen & Bath Design News, located on Long Island, who were very much in harm's way during the storm.

KBDN Editor Janice Costa said it best in her editorial this month, illustrating the higher truths the storm showed its hardy survivors:

"Sure, there were tears for the losses, or gratitude for those whose homes survived intact, but there was also an enormous sense of nostalgia evident in those stories, for all that our homes mean to us. They are safety and shelter; family and memories and laughter; an intrinsic part of who we are and who we aspire to become.

I was reminded again of why home design matters so much; it’s not just about 'prettying up' our living spaces, or even making them more convenient. Rather, it’s about creating a safe haven from the dangers of the world –whether those dangers take the form of gale-force life stresses or hurricane-force winds." is a community that celebrates the home, the component pieces that dedicated residential design professionals bring together to make the house that keeps safe the people who grow to call it home.  

Out of this trying time, we have worked to create a space where we are inviting the contractors, builders and remodelers in the 24 states affected by Superstorm Sandy to share the experience of what's happening on the ground as clean-up gives way to rebuilding. We have created a user-friendly form for building pros to share photos, videos and stories of your time assisting in the clean-up and rebuilding efforts; whether it's time spent volunteering or time spent on the job site, we want to know what you're doing and where you're doing it.

We'll be sharing your efforts here on our new Disaster Recovery page, alongside news stories, blog posts and on-the-scene reporting, keeping our community updated as the clean-up and rebuilding continues along the east coast.

Going forward, our Disaster Recovery page will be a space to cover the aftermath of all disaster conditions you may be working under, be it fire, hurricane, tornado or flood.

We are proud to serve you during this difficult time.

Note: Images associated with this blog post were collected from Flickr and used under a Creative Commons attribution license.