Make Tax Season Your Season

Tax season will soon come to an end, so many people are just itching to spend their refund checks. Well, how about if those people spend their refund checks with you? Here are five ways to reinvest a tax refund into a home

  1. Landscape and yard work –A home’s value can increase by up to 11 percent when it has good landscaping, according to a study by Clemson University and Michigan University (more information about that study can be found here). Mowing, watering, feeding and weeding can be tedious tasks for homeowners, but that important first impression made by a lawn may be worth them seeking out landscaping services. Maybe offering a special on services for people putting their homes on the market would bring in some new business.
  2. Update faucets and fixtures –Sometimes the small changes make the biggest difference in a room. Perhaps home owners are looking for a stylish upgrade. Perhaps they are trying to be more environmentally conscious, since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a leaky faucet wastes over 170 gallons of water per year just by dripping five drops per minute (more information about this can be found here). Maybe play up the fact that replacing faucets can be an earth-friendly decision, especially if you and your business recycle the old faucets for the homeowner.
  3. Interior and exterior painting –The right paint job can exponentially increase the value of a home just because paint can make it look newer, bigger, stylish and just generally more appealing. This value combined with the warm weather on the horizon may have homeowners more willing to look to pick up their brushes and rollers. Maybe suggest home owners consider sprucing up their home with the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year: Emerald.
  4. Kitchen and bathroom flooring –People spend the most time in the kitchen and bathrooms in a home, so selling a home can often hinge on the condition of these rooms. A new floor in the kitchen and bathroom can tie in elements from the rest of the house, especially as wood floors in these rooms becomes a more popular option, or be completely unique with all the available color and design possibilities in glass, ceramic tile, vinyl, stone and more. Maybe set up a walk test in your office or showroom, so homeowners can walk on all the different flooring options in their bare feet or socks, like they would if the flooring were installed in their home, before making any decisions.
  5. Update locksets and entrance hardware –Locks are often the only security homeowners have for their homes, in which case worn or rusted locks can be a serious issue. Severe tarnish, rust or other signs of wear may make the lock easier to pick and break, not to mention make it more difficult for the homeowner to actually use the key themselves. Maybe host a demonstration of the difference between worn locks and a new lock to reiterate the importance of updating.

 None of these improvements are particularly difficult, but all of them would likely increase a home’s resell value or simply a homeowner’s enjoyment of their home. An e-blast newsletter is a great way to reach your company’s mailing list and get the word out about small jobs your business offers. Social media updates are always a great way to reach a larger audience and spread the word. Sometimes old-fashioned technique of posting signs around neighborhoods, especially as the weather gets nice and more people are wandering outside, is also effective. Whatever your methods for outreach, hopefully you can turn tax season into your season.

 I’d love to hear from you: What other projects do you recommend your customers invest their tax refunds into?