Work Spaces of QR: The Office

I have an office with floor-to-ceiling walls and a door -- not a cubicle -- and I’m very grateful for it. However, I’m an extrovert and I enjoy talking with people, so keeping my door open is a necessity for me to function properly. Anyone walking past my door is fair game for a quick greeting or friendly harassment. My door is closed only when I’m hosting webinars or having personnel-related meetings or phone calls.

My open door sometimes can be a challenge, too. An open door is inviting, so naturally people wander into my office throughout the day. This can interrupt my train of thought and distract me from the work at hand, but I’d rather be occasionally distracted than cut off from interaction with my colleagues.

My can’t-live-without tool is my hands-free headset. I use it for the majority of my phone calls, which frees both of my hands to type notes during interviews or to flip through files looking for material related to the discussion I’m having. Occasionally when I pick up the handset on my phone, even with one of those shoulder cushions for comfort, it is uncomfortable and hinders my productivity, and I quickly switch to the hands-free device.

Having a window is a wonderful part of my office, and is by far the favorite part of my work space. My blinds, like my door, are rarely closed, except during the morning hours when the sun is low on the horizon and is washing out my computer screen. The blinds are up all the way by late morning, and remain that way all day. It bothers me that others in the office with windows keep their blinds closed all day. Those without windows would kill for the daylight and the view, and I don’t understand why they won’t let it in for all to enjoy.

I have trees outside my window where birds and squirrels sometimes entertain me when I need a quick mental break. I saw an oriole once. I can also monitor the comings and goings of others in my building (not that I’m watching too closely). And, during horse racing season, I can watch the races at the race track next door to our building. Well, I can watch the tops of the horses' heads and the top of the ambulance following the horses around the track.