Work Spaces of QR: Graphics Cube Land

Welcome to my day-time home. It's a bit gray, but luckily my kids’ happy faces and lovely fluorescent light fixtures brighten the space. The bottom of the picture shows what my ideal office would look like. Hey, we can dream, right?

There are five things I need in order to function.

  1. My computer–you don’t want me illustrating the magazine myself. As my husband tells my kids, “Mommy is a computer artist, not a painter.” Nice. 
  2. My headphones. I don’t know if I could function without them, it gets a little noisy here in cube land. I love having other designers close by but the headphones help me focus. I also feel the need to tap my foot while designing, which would seem odd without the headphones. 
  3. Pictures of my family. It’s so hard to be a working mom, but at least I can see their smiling faces all day long. This of course includes my awesome chocolate lab (see photo). 
  4. Diet Mountain Dew and on the necessary occasion, gummi bears. 
  5. Last but not least, my notepad. I always have a running list to keep myself sane, and without it, I would be lost.