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Snoop around this big project for Remodeling Month

Work has resumed on MAW Chicago’s whole-home renovation project in Chicago after several weeks of standstill caused by the city’s historic preservation department proceedings. After five weeks of delays, MAW Chicago in Palatine, Ill., lost no time getting work started again and catching up on lost time.


In April 2013 when Qualified Remodeler visited the project, the entire interior had been gutted and framed from scratch. Only a small wood panel ceiling in the basement remains of the original interior. The gutting reflects a change of mind by the homeowners, who chose to move forward in a new direction since QR’s most recent visit. MAW Chicago partner Mike Nagel says the plans have changed many times already, which is par for the course especially on a project this large.


Change orders in general have been an issue on this project and have amounted to a substantial increase to the overall budget. Nagel has experienced more change orders on this project than on any other in memory; they come with the territory and his team is always ready to deliver for the client. However, at this point in April with an August deadline, the project is at the point where any more change orders will affect the project completion deadline, Nagle says.


Progress has been made since we last visited the jobsite a few months ago. To get a quick look at the progress, take a look... this highlight video this video about change orders this photo gallery the previous coverage of this project