Siding color trends: Where is color trending next?

The relationship between a homeowner and remodeler is not solely based on a current project, but the understanding the work will structurally and aesthetically last. Homeowners trust that a contractor’s recommendations are made with an eye on the future, not just on what has worked in the past. This confidence applies to best practices, products, installation, style, design and color. 

Home design and color trends — not unlike any other style item – are constantly evolving. A homeowner’s color selection is often based on emotion; and can be impacted by current, popular trends. The contractor’s responsibility to is guide homeowners toward design and color that not only looks great now, but will maintain the same appeal for years to come. 

As we look forward, there are several major trends we expect to take off in the next few years: 

  1. Bolder and Deeper – Home tones are trending toward deeper and bolder shades. Deep blues, heavy greens and full-bodied browns create a cozy, warm sentiment to welcome homeowners. The earthy colors create a clean, sharp look while still blending in to the neighborhood. We expect to see these deeper tones a lot more in the next few years, especially across the Midwest. 
  2. Bright White Return – Solid white homes are making a comeback. A home with white siding and white trim evokes an emotional nostalgia for Main Street, USA. The classic look reminds a new generation of homeowners of a parent or even grandparent’s home. The white picket fence and home to match is cliché, but will show a popular resurgence through the rest of this decade.
  3. Mixing and Matching – More than ever before, color options empower homeowners to be creative and express personal style. We anticipate a major trend toward mixing exterior siding with trim of a different color. Lighter, cooler shades are well accented by a bold or deeper trim color. Varying shades of gray provide a lot of options when it comes to matching a trim color. The right mix creates a one-of-a-kind statement piece for a homeowner.

Color decisions present a daunting task when homeowners balance personal taste, long-term ROI and the lasting durability of a home’s exterior. Asking the right questions, considering complete home design and understanding color trends can produce a beautiful end product remodelers can be proud of and residents can truly call home. Please review the first two blogs in this series for more information on color trends and home design technology.