Online Exclusive

10 Tips for Becoming a Service Excellence Leader

By Erica England, Marketing Manager at GuildQuality

If you could dream up your ideal client they’d probably be great communicators, flexible, transparent, have realistic expectations, and maybe bake up a mean batch of brownies at the end of a project.  I’ll fill you in on a little secret; the same qualities you’d love to see in a customer are the same exact qualities a customer would love to see from you their remodeler, including the delicious brownies.

Homeowners these days are paying close attention to how well remodelers treat their customers. They’re relying on the stories past and present clients share about the contractor they’re Googling to get an insider’s account of whether who they hire will view their renovation as a passion project or just another kitchen remodel.  So you have to ask yourself, are you delivering the type of customer experience homeowners tell fairytales about?

I’m surrounded by home pros that may as well be considered knights in shining armor in the eyes of their customers. Their client relationships are at the core of everything they do.  I’ve learned that what motivates these leaders to deliver an outstanding experience goes beyond what their reputations are like online. To them, what really matters is whether their work improves lives. With these remodelers in mind, I’ll be sharing best practices each month centered on areas they’ve mastered.  To kick things off, check out 10 Tips for Becoming a Service Excellence Leader.

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