Tips from GuildQuality’s Community of Quality: Appealing to Millennial Remodeling Clients

By Erica England, Marketing Manager for GuildQuality

Cracking the code on better understanding and appealing to the millennial generation of homeowners isn’t as complicated as you might think. At the core, these homeowners are looking to work with a remodeler that produces amazing results, communicates well, and delivers wonderful service. The following are a few tips, from remodelers who are members of GuildQuality’s community of quality, designed to help you stand out, and serve this particular audience. 

Selling to millennials

Recent results from the Home Industry Leadership Board’s (HILB) Homeowner Mood & Mindset national survey show that millennial homeowners are greatly influenced by customer feedback when looking for a contractor. They’re finding the information they need to make their decision by scouring directories and doing general Google searches. 

“They’re used to having to compare so many of their purchases online, which works when you’re purchasing a commodity, but can be really difficult when comparing remodeling firms,” explains Chad Hatfield, owner of Hatfield Builders & Remodelers - located in North Dallas. “I advise them to look for a firm that they feel a connection to and feel comfortable with. If that fit isn't there at the beginning, then it’s an indication that the relationship isn't there from the beginning. It usually won't get better during the project and isn't there at the end.”

Conveying that “fit”, Hatfield refers to, is impossible to do without reviews from homeowners. His tip for remodelers: embrace online reviews and empower your existing and past remodeling clients to be your brand ambassadors. Hatfield uses GuildQuality to gather feedback on his company’s performance, and to gather publishable reviews from customers about their experience working with his business. 

Seizing social media opportunity

Speaking of online, there’s no place millennial homeowners look to more for their remodel inspiration than social media. Hatfield and his team are seizing this opportunity. 

“Maintaining active social media pages with regular postings that keep followers engaged gets responses for our company,” Hatfield says. “Sharing our customer reviews, and receiving reviews on our social media sites, lends credibility to our company and our brand.” 

In addition to sharing customer reviews on social media, Hatfield and team use Facebook and Pinterest to showcase their project photos and share the accolades they’ve received for their quality craftsmanship and service excellence. 

“Posts featuring pictures of our great work have been one of the biggest reasons our millennial clients reach out to us,” Hatfield says. “And when they do reach out to us, they already have a sense for the type of work we do and how we value our customers. Instead of spending time selling them on our reputation, we let our online presence do the talking, and during our meeting we can focus on what’s important to them for their project.” 

Having an active social media presence not only serves as a great platform to showcase your commitment to quality, but it also helps to combat one of the more common challenges of working with millennial remodeling clients: the expectation of delivering real-time communication. To appeal to millennial clients, Central New York remodeling company, McClurg Remodeling & Construction strives to make it as easy as possible to keep in touch. 

“This is something we have really worked on over the last five years. We are constantly monitoring our blog and our social media presence to ensure we are answering questions quickly and getting back to clients that want us to look at work,” Brian Ciota, vice president of McClurg Remodeling & Construction, explains. 

Customer service always matters

While displaying social customer service is critical in winning and sustaining business from millennials, so is evidence that you can deliver customer service throughout the project from start to finish throughout all facets of your relationship. 

“Overall, I don’t think our millennial clients are that different than any of our other clients in this regard,” shares Ciota. “They all want to know they have a remodeler that will respect them, and their home, and follow through from the initial contact to the completion of the project with a process and project that meets their expectations.”